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Headspace Returt to my Pack screen

UX design for an additional Headspace screen

Headspace Return to my meditation pack

UX Design

I’ve been using Headspace for almost a year now. This app helped me to make meditation a part of my life and I am enjoying it very much.

However, we are all humans and sometimes we break our everyday routines, especially healthy ones. So, I have started a meditation pack and then had a long pause in it. When I wanted to get back, I realised that the Headspace app suggests me to jump straight in from where I left the pack.

It did not feel right, so I have designed one extra screen, which will serve as a bridge from your previous progress to your current one.

There are various reasons you can pause in using the app. Maybe you had a digital sabbatical and you were meditationg every single day, so you can certainly continue your meditation course. But what if you just didn’t meditate…at all. Perhaps, you need to start over.

The goal

To make the app more efficient for people, who are getting into meditation.

All aforementioned made me think that it would be useful to have this extra space to help you assess your current state and give yourself a chance to start the process again or simply pick up where you left it. It is a midfulness app after all, so an extra click, which makes the whole process more efficient, can become a good addition.

Note: I am not a Headspace affiliate and this little project is a voluntary suggestion.

The suggested Headspace app flow would send you to the meditation session you were before the pause if you press “Continue“, and would send you to the first session of the pack if you choose to “Start Over“.

One of the process sketches

One of the process sketches

Current Headspace app flow

Current Headspace app flow

New Headspace app flow

New Headspace app flow