It's me in Santa Monica. Do I look like a local?

Hi I am Yulia, nice to meet you!

I grew up in Russia, in a small town by the river. When I was a child I loved doodling on the walls of our apartment, my mom didn’t appreciate it. But who knew that it might have been my calling.

I am an introvert who likes meeting people.

Through many years I tried doing different things including design, marketing, advertising, events, and team management. But I always found myself designing stuff, even when no one asked me. So, I though that it probably was the calling.

Being a creative professional is exciting, and the world of design never stops changing. I've had troubles defining myself as a visual/UI/graphic/product or any other type of designer. When I see a problem I solve it, when something funny or pretty comes to my mind, I sketch it.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to connect with me through social networks or just shoot me an email to yulia@ohyulia.com